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Style Diary: Playing with Prints

17 Jul

With the starting of summer, prints seem to be back in fashion. From floral, animal prints to kaleidoscopic patterns – a lot of experiments have been done. However, carrying a printed dress successfully is not that easy. Most of our celebrity dress blunders or “What Were They Thinking” moments are due to terribly mismatched prints or overly loud and misinterpreted fashion sense.

Wearing prints has its own joys too. One just needs to have the right fashion sense to carry it through. Here are some tips that would help you judge for your self as to whether a print suits you or not.

1. Reflective prints – Ever wondered by Kim Kardashian manages to look sexy as ever in some of her vivid print dresses? Well the secret lies in her reflective print dress choices. Kim Kardashian has a curvy figure. Thus the reflective prints hug her figure  to perfection.

ImageBlooming lovely: Kim Kardashian showed off her curves in a pretty peplum floral dress as she stepped out in Melbourne, Australia, on Thursday

2. Matching Accessories – Another one of the ways to make very intensely patterns dress more presentable is by toning the effect down with simple can sober accessories.

Top 10 Cutest Celebrity Spring Dresses Ideas Alessandra-Ambrosio

Alessandra Ambrosio

Or, try the opposite – use darker and stronger colored accessories to tone down the intensity of the pattern.


Vanessa Hudgens

Elle Macpherson

3. Complimentary clothing – Patterned dress can always be worn with another solid color clothing item. It balances the overall effect yet doesn’t let the beautiful prints lose their charm. This lesson can be learnt from Taylor Swift. The vocal princess is a fan of cute and adorable prints and also manages to look beautiful and stunning with them.


Now we are gonna talk about the BIG No No’s.

1. Getting Lost in Patterns – Don’t let the your print dress overpower you. It purpose is NOT to camouflage you, but to make you stand vibrant and beautifully distinct from others. Here is where Kim Kardashian and Adele lost it >.<

 2. Pattern overload – Complementary clothing doesn’t mean an added pattern overload! It just doesn’t work 😛

Vanessa Hudgens

Sharon Stone

Nicki Minaj

nicole richie

nicole richie

3. “I don’t know What Da Heck” Category – Well, for some – I don’t think there needs to be an explanation. The moment you see it, you its an eye sore! So no explanations but I guess you’ll learn the lesson 😀

Priyanka Chopra

Anyway, that’s it for now. I hope you all would like it =)

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