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Sienna Miller: Look for less!

7 Apr

I really loved Sierra Miller’s casual dress-up in this picture and thought of written a post on how to get that look without spending tons of moolahs. It’s not the exact look but I tried to get as close as possible =)



1. 3/4 Sleeve Striped Boatneck from Matalan – £7.00

2. Black Ruffled Collar Cardigan Sweater Jacket at – $39.99

3. Olivia Light Indigo Low-rise jegging from Delia’s- $14.99

4. Studded L&S “Palatino” Crossbody Satchel at Amazon – $39.95

5. “Lucille” Womens Cat Eye sunglasses (smoke) from OC Shades – $14.00

6. Thick Heeled Ankled Boots from Forever21 – $32.80

I hope you liked this post! If you like me to do a similar look for less version for another or same celebrity look, leave a comment with a link to the picture and I’ll try my best to get it all together =)

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Special Note – All the prices list were valid at the time this post was written. The price change would solely depend on the brands producing them.

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