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Look of the Day: Affordable resort assemble for men

1 Jun

I was thinking of doing this post before, but when I got a request from one of my readers, I decided to do this right away 😀 . The look of the day is a men’s special today, focusing on getting a classy resort look at an affordable price. Light and neutral colors form a perfect combination for guys this season.

Compiled by (Copyrights held by respective item hosting sites linked below)

Shopping Catalog –

Shirt – Old Navy Men’s Patterned Western Shirts for $24.50

Shorts – Urban Pipeline® Cargo Shorts for $21.99 (Special offer at Kohl’s)  original – $38.00

Flip flops – Club Room Sandals, Shade Thongs for $29.98

Shades – Unionbay® Classic Aviator Sunglasses for $16.80 (Special offer at Kohl’s)  original – $24.00

I hope you guys liked my first ever post focused on male fashion. Please lemme know if you would like me to blog some specific trends that you are curious about 😀

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