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Gaga Special: Jus’ Trash!

29 May


I’m back again 🙂 Ans as I promised I made this imaginary illustration with Gaga wearing a Trash can outfit. To be good, I chose a stylist bathroom trash can (Yus! its all shiny xD) and added the sparkles and  paparazzi  flashes! Here’s the end product!

I hope you liked this funny manupilation!

Stay tuned for moreeee…!

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GAGA goes Broom-mama…!

29 May

Hello guys,

This is my first ever post on this blog and I’m sooooo excited to share my thought aka crap aka tortures quotes right here…! After giving a deep thought, I thought nothing would be better than starting the blog with the crazyyyy pop culture godess Gaga. (And yes I was singing “Telephone all day :D”)

Well forks, looks like Lady Gaga has done it again! So it wasnt neither the circus outfit nor a crazy robo one this time. But well, the first thought that crossed my head on this one was –

” Lets have some fun, this fur is thick!

I wanna be a floor wipe or your broom stick!”

I tried to illustrate the whole scene at the second part of  the Monster ball tour openin at Nottingham, Central England. Excuse my shabby photoshop skills but I guess it worked just right for the Gaga’s “Clean – N – Broom” special :D. So here it is -!

The reallyy REAL image is HERE 😀

So whats up next?? 😀 Well I wont be surprised if she comes out with a Trashcan or Vacuum cleaner outfit with an exhaust pipe coming out from somewhere! *hides* .. if you know what I mean LOL. Well I’m working on that imaginative illustration for my second post!

So stay tuned for more!

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