Kristen Stewart: Look for Less!

16 Jul

elloos Smexies, I know its been a super LOOOOOOOOONG time since I wrote a post for this blog!  I just got super busy with college and delays my posts all this while >.<. Sowwies for that =)

However, today I decided to come up with another Look for Less! post. This post features one of Kristen Stewart’s looks.

Kristen Stewart is known to experiment various style and fashion. She is “THE” kind of personality who boldly carries what she wears. From lacey gowns to pattern pants, she has tried it all. In today’s world, she is definitely one of the major trend setters for youth fashion. The look shown today can be worn as an everyday outfit. It displays a striking contrast between pale yellow and black, some that would definitely make you stand out of the crowd (however I do dare you to carry it like Kristen Stewart ! 😛 )



1. Black Chiffon Sleeveless Strap Blouse at Maykool – $29.99

2. See You Monday (The Versailles legging in silver) from KarmaLoop – $17.95 (Discount)

3. Network Blazer from NastyGal – $23.20 (Discount)

4. Coma Cat – Black from – $44.99 (Discount)

I hope you like this look!

If you like me to do a similar look for less version for another or same celebrity look, leave a comment with a link to the picture and I’ll try my best to get it all together =)

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Special Note – All the prices list were valid at the time this post was written. The price change would solely depend on the brands producing them.


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