LOTD: Cool And Blues

17 Apr

Hey Guys, apologies for the three day gap in the middle. Even though I have my exams going on, I was able to squeeze a bit of my time to compile a light and cool LOTD. Blue has always been my favorite color and a nude constant to it always looks amazing. Here is a small compilation of a light and sweet look.


1. Sodamix Pippa Plain Dress in Turquoise at houseofraser .co.uk – £18.00

2. Tokyo Fashion Oversized-Lapel Tie-front Jacket at YesStyle – $34.20

3. Red Herring White Floral Tie cross body bag at Debenhams – £22.00

4. Rhinestone Encrusted Heart Necklace (silver) from Forever21 – $2.80

5. Smoothie Tie-Front Wedge Sandals at YesStyle – $45.00

6. Van Peterson 925 Turquoise Carved Flower earrings at Debenhams – £20.00

I hope you like this compilation.

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Special Note – All the prices list were valid at the time this post was written. The price change would solely depend on the brands producing them.


2 Responses to “LOTD: Cool And Blues”

  1. Shivangi Sharma April 25, 2013 at 11:07 am #

    Hey !!

    Came across your blog randomly and am glad I did!found it fresh and a pleasure to read! I love your articles that are really nice. This is the awesome set of outfit. I love that little earings in blue.

    I work with http://www.barcode91.comand we have some beautiful ethnic designs too. I think you would like them too 🙂

    – Shivangi Sharma

    • Asmita July 16, 2013 at 12:42 am #

      thank you so much for reading my blog =)
      And wow! barcode91 is amazing. Would definitely take a detailed look =)

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